EclipseCon 2015 – Wednesday

Here are the notes that I captured from the EclipseCon sessions that I attended on Wednesday:

Lambda Mechanics

Introduction to using lambda expressions with Java8. They may be useful enough to make Java8 something that we should all be looking into.


10 Platforms in 30 minutes

Use an open source project called qb to provide the Rest API.

Single sourced an application with EMF Forms and ran with SWT, Native Web (qb), RAP, Android, Ios, JavaFX (Using the SWT-JavaFX bridge)

RaspberryPi (using minimalSWT) – did not go well b/c of RaspberryPi issues. Rebooted and got it working.

Native JavaFX client.

Last one was paper, using SWT->Oomph Screenshot → PNG → Thunderbird → Maximilian → Printer → Paper


GeoMesa uses Apache Accumuo and Apache Spark to do spatial data storage and queries.  It includes algorithms like “K nearest neighbors”.  I had further conversations with CCRI about how to use their system to operate on 4-D data (x,y,z,time) as opposed to their 3-D model (lat,lon,time)


HiDPI with Eclipse

Short description of HiDPI and some history of problems. Image scaling vs SVG rendering. Covered a few different libraries for SVG implementation. 1000+ Eclipse Icons in SVG Format in Platform, JDT, Debug and more.

Andmore Project – Android development tools in Eclipse

Code on Github http://github.com/eclipse/andmore

Slides at http://goo.gl/7GGHsT

The demonstration of the android developer looked very nice and well integrated into Eclipse.

Uses Jacoco plugin to generate code coverage.

XText lightning talks

SonicStudio Director

VHDL Editor called Sigasi

Web XText view

FX Diagram View – this is on github

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