EclipseCon 2015 – Tuesday

So, this is my attempt to capture the sessions that I have attended at EclipseCon 2015 and provide links to additional information.

Keynote Infinite Possibilities

Enabling teams and yourself in a collaborative environment. Slides available here.  Set a goal for 10 ideas a day. They don’t have to be good, they just have to be. Talked a bit about fixed mindset vs a growth mindset. Cultivate a healthy disregard of the impossible.


Generating Business Applications from Executable Models Using Xtend and …

Rafeal Chaves @abstratt – general concepts with domain vs implementation

Technologies Used

  • vanilla UML extended with profiles
  • TextUML – This looked pretty cool, especially when working with executable UML
  • Eclipse Xtend
  • Cloudifier – web-based modeling IDE with interpreter/generators – uses Orion as a platform

Looks like the code generation is all custom stuff written in Xtend.

This stuff is mind blowing. Really need to check out connecting TextUML with Papyrus to show a dynamic view with both the graphical UI and the text based entry.

Abstratt on Github


Performance Analysis of Parallel Scientific Applications in Eclipse

Wyatt Spear, University of Oregon

vi and emacs are the most popular tools used with supercomputer

Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) http://www.eclipse.org/ptp

“Parallel debugging is kind of difficult”

Basically showed how the University of Oregon tool called TAU that they use for profiling.


Arduino Designer (The making of!)

Melanie Bats from Obeo.

It looks like a video of this will be available later. Used Sirius to model the DSL for programming an Arduino. Used Eclipse RCP, Sirius, Acceleo, and the Arduino SDK.

Arduino Designer on Github


XText and UX

Diagramming using JavaFX. The main thing was showing a diagram using JavaFX, unlike the Sirius project that uses GEF/GMF. Very nice design. Easy to understand without a lot of clutter or menus.

FXDiagram on Github


Speeding up stuff by extending Jobs

This looks like a talk on how to use the jobs API.  This was actually a new API for Job Groups that will be available with Mars.


Building an IDE for Apache Cassandra – with Eclipse RCP, e4, and XText

DataStax DevCenter – free RCP application based on 3.x and e4. CQL editor based on Xtext. Shows a live context based on a connection with a CQL editor with auto-complete, syntax highlighting, etc. Latest version (released today) has a wizard with a GUI where selections update the CQL preview. The wizard builds the AST and uses XText to serialize it to text. Xtext Embedded Editor was used to @Inject the XText editor.

DataStax on Github


Modeling Symposium

  1. IFML graphical editor (Hugo Bruneliere) – open sourced editor. http://ifml.github.io We really need to pull this in and model the user interaction on OSF. They are using a code generator to build other applications, but just the diagramming aspect would be very helpful.
  2. Building EMF-based Forms for the Web (Maximilian Kogel) They convert an EMF model to a JSON schema. http://jsonforms.org – does what EMF Forms does, but on Angular.js
  3. EMap (Tom Schindl) – Teneo & Hibernate were too slow, so Tom came up with this EMap piece that uses a DSL and XText to generate the mapping.
  4. Version control of models with multiple SCMs based on EMF Diff/Merge in Intel CoFluent. This was a proprietary presentation – stopped paying attention after the legal notice. After it was over, the speaker mentioned that it would be open sourced.
  5. Ecore Editor 2.0 – Tree based editor has been updated using EMF Forms to create a new UI for Ecore editing. Currently in beta – available on github.

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