“What I Learned at EclipseCon”

J. Langley brought back a wealth of knowledge from EclipseCon 2015 in San Francisco. He will be presenting on what he learned there.

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Logo for the Metabahn consultancy

Tweet of a tweet announcing the ability to build realtime apps with Pakyow

Metabahn supports open-source projects, including the Pakyow web framework. They recently demonstrated creating a real-time chat application at the 0.9 release party and just released a screencast of the same demo.

About the video:

  • This is a screencast demonstrating new realtime libraries for Pakyow. Here we build a realtime chat app in 12 minutes, writing only 30 lines of Ruby and 0 lines of Javascript! Real in Pakyow is different than other frameworks because the app retains a traditional backend-driven architecture. No app logic is moved to or executes on the client.


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