Eclipse By Example, “EMF Forms”

Screenshot of the EMF forms website

Jared Olbricht will be presenting on using EMF Forms to build GUI components.

“EMF Forms provides a new way of developing form-based UIs. Instead of manually coding form-based layouts, it allows you to describe the UI with a simple model instead of with code. The approach allows you to more efficiently produce and iteratively refine form-based UIs that conform to a uniform look and feel. EMF Forms also lowers the technical entry barrier to creating form-based UIs.”

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Image of a tweet that says Pakyow v 0.9 is out

Pakyow v0.9 was released a couple of days ago. “Pakyow is an open-source platform for the modern web. Build web-based apps faster with a view-first development process that’s friendly to everyone – whether you’re a designer or a developer. It’s for getting along.”

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