How to Use Hudson

How to Use Hudson

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J. Langley will be delivering a presentation on using Hudson on a build server.

From the Hudson website:
Hudson is a continuous integration (CI) tool written in Java, which runs in a servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat or the GlassFish application server. It supports SCM tools including CVS, Subversion, Git and Clearcase and can execute Apache Ant and Apache Maven based projects, as well as arbitrary shell scripts and Windows batch commands.

I think that one of the reasons that Hudson is “the bomb” is because of its simplicity to implement. A new user can get an instance up and running without any expertise. An experienced user can leverage its tremendous capabilities. I’ve worked with other products ­commercial products ­ that required paid tech support (usually bad), a hard learning curve and less capabilities, flexibility and speed.

Quote courtesy of Stuart Lorber of Extol

For more information, see:

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